Create unique gifts and precious memories on Robbins’ Crafter’s HeART

Mother and daughter, looking for couples living together, school fundraising events, children’s birthday parties, family gatherings, and even bridal showers; indeed, anyone is looking for fun, making handmade, unique gifts and souvenirs. Crafter’s HeArt Studio in Binz.
They left meaningful and precious memories in a fun atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy the experience.
The owner Candace Beal (Candace Beal) is optimistic, full of vigor and bright smile, which is the driving force of this business. This business started more than a year ago and aims to provide the experience of handmade ceramic Christmas trees.
To this day, she still provides useful tips, color choices, tricks, tricks and suggestions for every aspiring artist to guide them how to make dozens of unique handmade gifts, such as pumpkins, barn quilts, wall hangers, Yes, there are many ceramic Christmas trees.
“This studio started when I lost my daughter Caroline,” Candice said. “She is a beautiful, cute and energetic 24-year-old girl. She loves everything. She likes people, pets, laughs, friends and entertainment.”
Caroline’s large-frame portrait reminds us of the happy moments visitors share with family and friends. “She likes pens and pencils, drawing and creating beautiful things. So, remember her, I opened Crafter’s HeART Studio.”
Regarding her experience in Robbins, Candice said: “Moore County is really great. I haven’t said enough about the commissioner and the townsfolk. They just supported us very much.”
When it was time to turn the empty store into a modern studio, Candace visited her long-time friend and contractor Danny Moore, who was near Bonlee, North Carolina.
“She has a way to do things well. When she wants to do something, nothing will hinder her.” He said. In less than a month, the new carpet was put down, the walls were painted, the shelves were erected, and the counter was installed, all of which were ready for the grand opening in October last year.
Regarding those iconic Christmas trees, “I like that people come in and get things ready,” Candice said. “They went all the way under the table. The jars and paintbrushes were gone. When I got here, they were ready. We just don’t know which color, because they have always been all colors. I have navy, Carolina blue, wine Red and pink. I mean, I have a purple one.”
This year’s launch is an old-fashioned truck. The old-fashioned truck can lie on the bed or empty the Christmas tree, so you can add your own accessories.
The antique effect is achieved by first adding a layer of black paint that has been diluted with fresh water to the ceramic truck, and then applying another color to give it an old look. The final step is to apply a gloss that hardens quickly to seal it, and then dab it on enough textured snow, or even sparkle on the tree, to form a unique precious memory.
The Christmas truck even has colorful tree-shaped decorations that will glow when you insert a small light bulb in the base. Even the headlights glow.
Longtime teacher Helen Maness (now retired) of North Moore High School has been going to Crafter’s HeART Studio since it opened. “I like it,” Helen said. “It’s relaxing. A fun way is to sit down and enjoy a lot of laughter, and then enjoy your work. I love the opportunity for creativity, and Candace makes it so easy and very fun.”
Anyone who came to Crafter’s HeART Studio left with a great attitude and a spirit of excitement. Of course, they did their own thing. Is there any better way?
Crafter’s HeART Studio is located at 105 S. Middleton St in downtown Robbins. Please contact them by phone at 910-569-7000, email to, on Facebook or on their website

Post time: Oct-30-2020